Life is always full….and living in the city as a midwife, mom to 3, non profit founder, and wifey to an adventurous husband along with sourcing the best food and preparing it…. well lets just say life got full. So, in 2021 we decided to go back to our roots looking to embrace the simple life and started a homestead. The homestead is quickly turning into a farm and we have big dreams for Laughing Willow Farms. While life is just as full as its ever been we have found a simple fulfillment.

Because of my involvement in the birth world and my active pursuit in a holistic lifestyle, I receive questions on a daily basis. Whether it is personally, or through social media, the fact is that as life gets busier on the homestead, it’s harder to take the focused time I need to respond. Enter my corner of the internet! This content was birthed (pun intended) as a place for me to organize my experience and lifestyle in a way that I can easily share it with others. I do not have all the answers, and will never claim to. The opinions and advice you find here is simply the product of trial and error, birth and boys, moms and meals, homesteading and herbs, gardening and grace. Be sure and check out our YouTube channel over at Borrowed Roots for video content as well!

Myself and my husband Robert, boys Brody and Jude, and baby girl Lynnon reside just south of Dallas, TX-a short drive from where I was born and raised. Other family members include a 20 laying chickens, a cute (and very noisy) little pug named Olive, 5 dairy goats, 3 sheep, co parent a herd of Red Devonshire cattle, bees, and the comings and goings of meat birds and pasture raised pigs.

My wish is that something you read here will make your life better or inspire you in some small way! My goal is share the borrowed knowledge from our deep roots and pass it along to you. Thanks for following!


The Dallas Midwife