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Fourth Trimester Mommy Essentials

First of all! Postpartum is not just the first few days after having a baby. I consider postpartum the whole “fourth trimester.”  What is the fourth trimester? It’s a term coined by Dr. Harvey Carp (yes, he invented the SNOO smart sleeper bed) that refers to the first 3 months of the babies life after birth. This is also a time when your body is healing from 10 months of changing to grow a baby!  Baby is totally dependent on you during this time, making it difficult to care for your own healing.  So it only makes sense that careful preparation for this time period will help you enjoy your new little one even more. Below is a list of items that have made my recent fourth trimester the most enjoyable yet.  These products have been compiled through my own experience, as well as recommendations from clients.  So here we go!

Viscose Bamboo 

First up one of my MOST FAVORITE things; these luxurious and very soft Viscose Bamboo robes. 

Set By Posh Peanut

One of my clients recommended them because of how comfortable they are, and how beautiful they make you feel whether you are pumping, resting, or making your way around your home. This was THE TIP of fourth trimester for me. They even come with matching outfits for baby! I have three sets total.  An equally comfortable nightgown option is listed here as well.  Sleek, soft, and a great alternate option to add to your postpartum wardrobe that buttons down and I equally love.  


Next up is the LaVie Warming Lactation Massagers and Pumping Bra.  

For 10% off enter code: midwife2145977181

I’ll be honest, I absolutely dread pumping, but often it is a necessity for one reason or another. This bra is so comfortable, easy to put on, and leaves your hands free!  The warming massagers are a complete game changer as well, making your pumping experience far more enjoyable, as well as increasing your milk output.  These also help in clearing clogged milk ducts, and preventing engorgement. Most notable about the massagers is decreases your milk removal time. 

For 10% off enter code: midwife2145977181

The Baby Buddha

On the topic of pumping, I’ve pumped with the majority of the name brand pumps on the market.  My favorite everyday pump lives up to the hype of its power!  Drumroll please….The Baby Buddha.  I actually get more from this little powerhouse than from my hospital strength pump I rented, needless to say rental was returned!

Also available from LaVie – For 10% off enter code: midwife2145977181

About the size of your Apple TV or Roku remote, this pump is wireless and incredibly strong.  You can pump almost twice as fast!  

Pro Tip:  I’ve made my experience more comfortable by adding the LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges.  I suggest sizing down a size when ordering, and then jumping on YouTube for a hack on making them fit the Baby Buddha.  It’s well worth the effort, and FYI, there are also hacks for any pump you have.  All it takes is a little searching. Don’t forget my discount code to get 10% off. You can also get an even better deal by bundling the pump with the above massagers.

Kindred Bravely

I’ve never owned a nursing bra that I didn’t want to avoid seeing myself in. I’ve tried some lacy ones, or “sexy” bras…made to mimic a regular bra. But they are simply just uncomfortable, and do not live up to their description.

I discovered Kindred Bravely upon the recommendation from several clients. My absolute favorite is the French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra.

Save 20% by following the link above!

It comes in five colors, my favorite being the pink. This soft bra is not only functional, but makes me feel beautiful. They have several other options / styles as well, including organic. Want 20% off? Click the picture above and the discount is automatically applied in cart.

Cute Oversized Button Down Tops

I suggest picking out a few over-size button down tops!  These are super versatile, and can be un buttoned down as far as you wish for feeding, or even if you’re feeling sexy.  They are also perfect to help hide any unflattering postpartum areas you may be self conscious about.  Here are a few suggestions! 

A giant (around 32oz) water bottle / jar + silicone straws

Breastfeeding and/or recovery requires allot of hydration!  I often use a weck jar, or a stainless steel water bottle.  This makes it easier to keep track of your water intake. Silicone straws are non toxic and re-usable, and make drinking from a large container of water far easier. 


Mommy needs her own snack basket!  Fill it with things like a healthy trail mix, your favorite protein bars (I like Aloha), Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups, etc. You might set it next to your night stand or wherever you feed your baby for easy grabs.  This basket is strictly off limits for hubs and the kiddos. 

Mother Love

Mother Love creates amazing organic, all natural, herbal skin products and supplements.  For the skin, I love their nipple butter, which is essential for its soothing and healing properties.  

 The diaper balm for your babies bum is a must have as well.   Encourage your milk supply with their herbal tinctures, which are the highest potency form of an herb you can buy. I personally use the Goats Rue and More Milk Moringa.   You can get these products through The Laughing Willow by clicking the picture below! (be sure and use my discount code)

For 15% off in store or online use code: dallasdoula

Wrapping Up

Listed above are just a few of my favorite fourth trimester items for mom.  There are other items that I love for making your recovery process more enjoyable and rewarding. I’ll list links to the rest of them below!  

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and is for educational purposes only.

This blog contains affiliate links.  When products are purchased through them, I receive a small commission.  This in no way effects my recommendations, and does not influence what I suggest.  The brands, products and services listed here are things I fully believe in.  Thank you for your support and love!  



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